Why Choose Us?


Veracity and fairness are the foundations of SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES. She follow high Business ethics, when dealing with her customers, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors or colleague team members. Genuineness is her best policy and the only policy. The Owners and Employees of SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES are in the building business because they worship it. She is committed to each project and takes much bliss in the final product, customers choose her for her quality, honesty, reliability and strong commitment for her customers total satisfaction.

Company Size

SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES. is not a large construction company but it is a single point solution for all the need of housing customers, she is strong in implementing world’s best and latest technologies, she is a builder whose focus is mainly always on quality craftsmanship, functionality and principles. She emphasize hands-on management style and personal attention to clients. She is big enough however, to handle the larger projects and thus, have the capability to schedule jobs earlier and complete her tasks and activities more quickly.


The Owners of SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES. and her Employees have many years of experience and they established many track records. Their experience ensures that their projects will be done right and with the highest professionalism. SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES use only proven and upright subcontractors and material suppliers. Her staff with her consultants will includes highly professional engineers, architects, structural engineers, site engineers, site supervisors, machinery operators, Drivers, camp labour from Orissa, West-Bengal & Bihar and with her strong Management team will collectively deliver her customers with the paramount solutions in the market.


Besides providing exceptional field work, SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES also absolutely the management of their projects with the mountain professionalism. She is best in her class for her office management standards, all reports of her customers like estimations, proposals, house status reports and many other personal documents of her customers will be available in her APP online with personalized login. SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES management maintain high level of transparency in her business process and so she opted have everything online and transparent for her customers, vendors, consultants, sub-contractors and contractors etc, her full time office management is very experienced in the company accounting and bookkeeping duties.


SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES Strives to assure her customers with real value for their rupee at a profit sufficient to provide for the well being of their employees and customers. Their detailed proposals ensure customers that there won't be any hidden cost and they know exactly what they are getting.


SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES prides themselves with having a strong commitment to the principle that a quality product is its own best form of promotion, so SESRITHA maintains international quality standers in building up solutions to her customers, her employees are the best craftsman in the area in delivering highest quality standards. SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES will have a quality lab at the work location and maintain timely Quality reports and documents like, slump cone reports, cube mold reports, oven analysis, sleeve analysis, calibration reports, soil baring capacity test reports, water test reports and many more for her customers.


When SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES starts a project she commit her selves to get it done in the timeliest mode as promising. She uses the latest tools, techniques, and technology to do the job more quickly and efficiently. By doing her own site work, concrete, masonry, rough carpentry work, exterior finish work, and interior finish work she have better control on the project schedule and can accelerate the project at any point of time when necessary.

Design Services

This projects of SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES is Designed by Vishwak Constructions, operated by Group of architects & structural engineers, Vishwak developed and delivered many design solutions to her clients in Nellore and also in South India, to name few in Nellore, Vishwak Constructions successfully completed prestigious projects like CMR Shopping Mall, Sarayyuauto Hero Honda Showroom, Krishna Towers, NVR Central, Vishnavi Homes , Goverdhan Towers, Vishwak uses the latest software’s to deliver her design solutions to her clients.

SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES in conjunction with Vishwak ensure that the project is designed to her customer’s with best specifications and in best budget. we also ensure cost effective designs. we want our customers to be happy with best designed homes, now and long into the future. Detailed plans also allow the project to be more precisely estimated and eliminates questions in the field.


SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES Provides her clients a complete service package, she guides customers through every step of the building process of house, from design to material discussion, budget to site arrangement. They consider the details of a project from the start-up, preparing the way for a smooth and positive construction experience, SESRITHA’S team approach and assures her customers that the house will always be on target, on time and on budget.


SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES is sincerely interested in the safety of her employees, the public, and our operations. She conducts Induction programs on Safety norms timely in the work premises and ensure International safety standards, she conducts Safety Program and her employees are continually trained on safety issues.