Frequently asked questions for Smart Home

34). How is GERMAN TECHONOLOGY house advantages compared to normal conventional house?

This house is more advantages compared to conventional house because the life span of this house is 80 to 100 years or even more. Whereas life span of conventional house is hardly 30 to 40 years.

35). What are the documents I get when I am moved into Build Inventory?

Our customers will get the following documents when He /She is moved into Build Inventory:
Agreement copy of site owner and Sesritha Technologies / Registered document on Sesritha Technologies / MOU between STPL and Real-Estate vendor Layout Plan
Layout approval documents
Agreement between house customer and Sesritha technologies
Site allocation document
House Plan (House Drawings)
Tentative quotation of the house
Approximate Date of HOUSE SLOT START DATE
Approximate Date of HOUSE SLOT END DATE.
Customer ID Number
Bill for Cust Inventory / Build Inventory
CD of the house walk through
Copy of electrical drawings
Copy of plumbing drawings
Copy of sanitary drawings
Copy of steel drawings
Copy of structural drawings

36). Will the foundation work start only after I enter into Build Inventory ?

It depends on SESRITHA’s work schedule, sometimes house foundation will be started after customer entering into Build Inventory or sometimes foundation will be completed before the customer entering into Build Inventory and plinth beam will be ready for the start of superstructure.

37). What should customer produce to Sesritha Technologies for the purchase of house through Bank Loan?

The customer should produce following documents to Sesritha Technologies , Customer should take an application form from Sesritha technologies to apply for a new house construction. Customer should produce all necessary documents for the processing of bank loan, for more details customer can discuss with our Business Processing Officers (BPO) by visiting our front-office.

38). What is the bank loan processing fee?

For the processing of bank loan, Sesritha Technologies will charge a fees of rupees 4500, i.e. four thousand five hundred rupees only.

39). What are the documents required to process bank loan?

The documents required to process bank loan are
4 Photos.
ID proof
Address Proof
Adar card
3 Years IT Returns
Etc. (Discuss with our company Business processing Officer(BPO’s) and produce all necessary documents to process your bank loan)

40). What are the documents we will get at the time of receiving of house?

Below are the following documents our customers will get at the time of house completion and handing over.
Slump Cone reports
Cube Mold reports
Bar-Bending schedule reports
Water test report
Soil test report (SBC)
House registration documents
Service tax receipt (If applicable)
VAT paid receipt. (If applicable)
Photos of House construction
Check list of foundation
Check list of Basement
Check list of superstructure
Check list of electrical work
Check list of plumbing work
Testing reports of all Taps, switches, lights, bulbs etc.
Please discuss with SESRITHA’S BPO’s, if any other documents can be provided.

41). How can I give feedback on our new house?

At the time of handing over the house, a feedback form will be given and you can write your feedback and at the same time you can even rate us from 1 to 5 in the online form provided by our BPO.

42). How would I clarify my doubts and know the status of my house construction?

You can call on our Phone Numbers 0861-2314444/0861-2315444/0861-2316444/ and get clarifications on any of your doubts.
Status of work
For status of work you can even login into www.sesritha.com and see the live status of you house.
For any clarifications on how to see the status on web, you may please call us at 0861- 2314444/0861-2315444/0861-2316444 .

43). If I don't call, won't I get any of my updates?

Yes, you will get all the updates even you don’t call us, Customer will get all the updates of his house on our web site www.sesritha.com and through e-mail and through SMS from our appropriate person on customer request.(SMS facility is under development)

44). Will my reports be available to others on website?

No, your reports will not be available to anyone except you, you will be provided with a Login-ID and Password, and once you login, you will be able to access all your personalized data of your house.

45). What are the reports customers can see in SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES website after logging in?

After Logging in customers can see following reports:
Family Tree
Profile of Customer
House Status Report
Flat Allocation Details
Documents on Customer moving into Build Inventory
Quality report
House Payments report
Check List of all Activities
Change Password
Contact Form
Smart Home


HOUSE SLOT START DATE is the date on which steel placing work for shear walls is done in your site for construction of superstructure , and it is the date on which the customer will be called for Demo class.


HOUSE SLOT END DATE is the date on which the house will be completed and ready for occupancy and it is also the date STPL will be taking final feedback from the Customer.

48). What are the tests performed by SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES in the process of construction of the house?

Yes, we perform the following tests in the process of construction of house to our customers.
Facilities tests/
ON & OFF test on all switches
ON & OFF test on all lights
ON & OFF test on all fans
ON & OFF test on all sockets
ON & OFF test on all Taps
ON & OFF test on all Valves
House earthling test
Etc., please discuss with our BPO’s if any other test can be performed.
Civil tests
Soil tests for Foundation
Slump cone test for concrete
Cube Mold test for 7 days, 14 days and 21 Days and all readings will be recorded.
Water test will be performed on water used for concrete mixing and on water used for curing.
Sleeve analysis
Oven analysis.
Calibration of all mechanical equipments will be done.

49). What is the minimum time required to occupy my house from HOUSE SLOT START DATE?

It will take Minimum of two and Half months to occupy your house form HOUSE SLOT START DATE

50). What is the maximum time required to occupy my house from HOUSE SLOT START DATE?

It will take Maximum of three and Half months to occupy your house form HOUSE SLOT START DATE.

51). What if house completion is delayed above 3 and half months form HOUSE SLOT END DATE?

Sesritha Technologies will pay a fine of Rs.5,000.00 in words five thousand rupees per month, subjected if the house completion is delayed for more than 3 1/2 month from HOUSE SLOT END DATE because of the mistake of Sesritha Technologies , if the delay of house completion happens because of customer problems / natural calamities / Strikes / floods then compensation will not be given to customers.

52). What if customer delays installment payment to Sesritha Technologies, what will happen?

Sesritha Technologies will fine the customer on balance amount with an interest rate of 24%.

53). How can SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES assure the quality construction of my house?

To assure the best quality to our customers we will perform following things.
Transparent at all times of execution of the Job
Maintain and produce all the reports of quality to customer.
Soft copy of Quality test reports will be sent to our customer, on his/her mail-id on customer request.
A copy of all quality test reports will be maintained in our website; customer can login and download or view all the necessary documents.
Xerox copy of the same will be produced on his/her request on all working days between 9AM to 6PM
We will give the customer with dates of all the activities of construction based on that he/she can come for site inspection.
As the construction period is very less customer can engage any one person for site inspection or even customer can stay at site to see the quality of the work. .

54). What if my person stays in your premises at the time of our house construction?

We don’t have any issues but he/she can stay in the premises only in the working hours.

55). Could you please say us, if anything need to be paid extra on my House?

The following things are not included in the invoice, so these things will be charged extra if applicable.
House Plan approval
Stamp duties for registration of house
Service Tax
Loan processing fee
Challan cost for New Power connection from electricity board.
Please kindly discuss with our BPO’s if any additions are available

56). Is concrete manufactured in house or you procure it from outside?

We will produce the concrete in the premises and also procure from outside based on the flexibility and demand.

57). If you procure concrete from outside from whom will you procure?

If we procure from outside we will preferably procure from Ultra Tech Company or Guru Ragavendra Ready Mix Company.

58). How would you get the quality reports for concrete, if you procure from Outside Company?

We will ask Ultra Tech Company/Gururagavendra to give all the quality reports for the concrete produced from them based on our Concrete Mix Design. On the other hand we will also perform all required tests in our lab and certify the material. If we identify any Massive reduction in quality standards we will reject the concrete and ask them to make concrete again. If the same company fails to supply quality product intentionally for more than three attempts then that company will be block listed in the company’s vendors list. Sesritha Technologies will not do business with those vendors for life time.

59). Could you please say how this house is profitable compared to conventional house? (Need to be modified once final drawing comes from Balaji)

Suppose you buy a site of 6 Ankanams at a cost of one lakhs per Ankanam then total cost of site will become 6 lakhs, which you have to Invest first and now if u want to build a house, it will minimum take 10 months to 12 months to build a quality house, than for 12 months if we consider interest for 6 lakhs at a cost of 2 rs, 12,000 per month, for 12months it will become one lakhs forty four thousand (1,44,000). Till your house is completed, u have to stay in rented house, imagine you are paying a rent of 8,000/months, than for 12months you will be paying a rent of 96,000, then now for construction of 13.5 Ankanams, if we consider 125000/ankanam as construction cost, than you are investing 16,87,500/- for 12 months, for this 16,87,500/- lakhs let us consider only 8.5 lakhs as principle amount (Because you are not investing all 16.87 Lakhs on first day of construction) for 8.5 Lakhs, if we consider interest at a cost of 2rs, it is 17,000 per month, for 12 months the interest is 2,04,000, now totally you will be losing 4 lakhs 44 thousand rupees directly or indirectly. With us you will be saving that amount. If you purchase house with SESRITHA technologies you will be indirectly saving approximately 4,44,000/-

60). How many houses are you planning to build in Nellore?

SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES is planning to build 600 Houses.

61). How Much time it will take for you to complete 600 Houses?

It will take one year to one and half years to complete 600 Houses. If company goes with the complete bandwidth of machinery , bandwidth of the machinery will be increased based on the local demand.

62). What are the factors that influence the cost variation of the house?

If there is any change in purchase cost of construction equipments or materials used for construction will directly impact the construction cost of the house.
Please do find few factors affecting the cost of the house.
Cost of Diesel changes
Cost of sand changes
Cost of Metal changes
Cost of steel changes
Cost of labour changes
Cost of shuttering changes
Cost of Vertified tiles changes
Cost of Paint changes
of cement changes
please discuss with our BPO’s for more details

63). If there is any change in the construction cost will you give us the reason with appropriate technical calculations.?

Yes, we will give you the actual detailed technical calculations for the decrease or increase of house cost.
Example 1: let us assume the cost of Steel today is Rs. 52,000 per ton and the cost of your house including site is (Say) Rs. 10,00,000/-, what if the cost of steel is reduced to 48,000 on your movement from cust Inventory to Build Inventory.
Cost of steel Today in Rupees (Say) = 52,000.00
Cost of steel on your move from cust Inventory to Build Inventory (Say) = 48000.00
Cost of House today in Rupees(Say) = 10,00,000.00
Steel used for Foundation (Say) =1.5 tons
Steel used for basement (Say) = 0.86 tons
Steel used for super structure(Say) = 1.5 tons
Total steel required for house(Say) = 3.86 tons
Cost of 3.86 tons at a rate of 52,000 (Say) = 200720.00
Cost of steel on your move from cust Inventory to Build Inventory is 3.86 @ 48000 = 185280.00
The amount reduced on steel (200720.00 - 185280.00) = 15440.00
So your cost of house as on your move from Cust Inventory to Build Inventory is 10,00,000 - 15440.00 = 9,84,560/-
therefore your house cost is reduced by 15440 and new cost of your house will become 9,84,560/-
the same thing will be applied even if the cost of any construction material increases on your move from Cust Inventory to Build Inventory

64). What is the business process of SESRITHA TECHNOLOGIES, and how does it works in building multiple houses?

This is very important question and I kindly request everyone to understand our business process. In our process people book any number of houses between 200 to 1000 we will be delivering them in a span of one year to one and half years time. The project is not feasible if the bookings are less than 200. As of now we are allocating 3 months for presales activity in this period Team will concentrate only on bookings activity , our target is to achieve minimum 200 bookings in this three months. The very next day after achieving 200 bookings we will enter into construction phase. If 200 bookings are achieved within one month time then the construction activity will start in the second month itself.

Let us assuming that 200 bookings are happened and the very next day construction phase is started, then first four houses will be ready for occupancy in just 75 days. From that day every week we will be delivering four houses, that is in every month we will be in an a position to deliver eighteen houses. That is on an average we will be delivering 18 houses every month and 200 houses will be completed in 10 months time, by considering Sundays and holidays all the houses will be completed within 12 months, in the worst case all the 200 houses should be completed within 14 months. Now let us assume that the house you have booked is Number 199, as per schedule let us assume your house construction will start in 8th month and house will be completed in the middle of 10th month. These HOUSE SLOT START DATE and END dates will be displayed in the website. Now let us assume another 200 people booked after you have booked your house, then it is not that their houses will be given in the second year, those new 200 houses will also be given in same year, in this scenario your scheduled state date will change to 4th month and it will be completed in the middle of 6th month. 199th house booking will be started in 8th month and that will be completed in the middle of 10th month. This is explained for your understanding purpose. More accurate details of HOUSE SLOT START DATE and HOUSE SLOT END DATE will be published by our Planning Engineer in all your accounts of our website.

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